Michael Beinhorn

Complete front and back end development for this esteemed record producer.

Design, UX, and project managament by Jon Tessler Design, LLC


Michael needed a refresh to his older site that was esseentially a very simply styled blog. Jon Tessler assessed the project, planned out a novel informational structure, and coated it all with inimitable design sense. Brandish Healy swooped in and developed the entire site, delivering one of the most media-dense and informationally-current sites for any top-tier record producer.

OM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Full stack development and design for this Long Island BJJ school.

Design by Brandish Healy


Adding to his yoga and organic foods ventures, Milard contacted Brandish Healy to give his newest health and wellness brainchild, Om Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a website. Design and development were on the table for this project. The aesthetic is clean and simple while devlopment tasks like MINDBODY schedule integration make the site as useful as it is nice to look at.

Yogamaya Screenshot


Complete front and back end development for this New York City yoga sanctuary.

Design by TG&KF


Yogamaya, a yoga studio in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood needed a new website to house information on their ever changing yoga events, their novel approach to yoga teacher training, staff bios, and their daily schedule. Not only did Yogamaya require efficient and engaging data presentation, they needed to relate their beautiful, spiritually artistic brand as well. Brandish Healy worked alongside the design powerhouse of Katie and Thibault to ensure the brand’s integrity was maintained no matter if content changed or if features were added to the site.

Trump Models Screenshot

Trump Models

Complete front and back end development for Donald Trump’s iconic modelling agency.

Design by Wang Media
Project Management by Grunt Digital


Trump Models wanted more than the typical model-showcase site when Brandish Healy developed the site in 2014. From each model’s social media presence, to digital tear sheets and comp-cards, Brandish Healy made the creation, update, and presentation of company and model data a breeze. Thanks to thorough, scratch-built feature construction the site has also enjoyed an essentially maintenance-free life since its launch in October 2014.

Greenwich Kempo

Full stack development and design for this Connecticut martial arts dojo.

Design by Brandish Healy


Greenwich Kempo underwent re-branding and needed Brandish Healy to come in and complement with a website. Brandish Healy took on both design and development duties with this project. Some of the must-haves for this project were Listen360 API integration, custom video header cycling, and MINDBODY schedule pulls.

The Michael Thomas Collection Screenshot

The Michael Thomas Collection

Full stack development and design for this eclectic fine art collection.

Design by Brandish Healy


Not only was Brandish Healy asked to develop this fine art collection site, we also received the charge to provide design for the site. Prime directives on this project included showcasing individual pieces in as much detail as possible and enabling efficient, organized communication regarding each piece. Social and email marketing has also been brought into the mix, along with kiosk creation and email collection mechanisms for salons and installations.

Geoff Colvin Screenshot

Geoff Colvin

Complete front and back end development for this esteemed author and Senior Editor at Large at Fortune.

Design by Jonathan Tessler


Author and senior editor at large Geoff Colvin required a concise yet striking online presence to contain the ever expanding galaxy of information surrounding his books, periodical publications, podcasts, appearance schedule, and more. Working with long time colleague Jonathan Tessler ensured that the end result was expertly designed and possessed a sleek informational architecture.

Joyce Theater

Complete front end development for this storied New York City performing arts center.

Design by FOUR32C


Front end development for Joyce Theather’s Joyce.org site. All backend work was completed by Greg Pymm, while Four32C took care of all the design.

Resiliam Screenshot


Complete front and back end development for the New York City based data security firm.

Design by Wang Media


Site ensures that custom content entry goes off without a hitch by constructing custom content types to house employee information.

Delenio Screenshot


Full stack development and design for this traditional, neighborhood Italian restuarant in Jersey City, NJ.

Design by Brandish Healy


Delenio originally featured a custom online ordering system that forwarded orders to the restaurant by fax. Output buffering was utilized to construct PDFs to forward along order forms to the fax gateway and to a secure directory for archival purposes. Ep.icu.re now handles online orders.

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