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Brandish Healy is an independent online development cosultancy. We make highly functional, gorgeous websites. We save sites that are hurting. We bring broken sites back from the grave.

We work with the world’s finest artists, designers, copywriters, and many others to bring the best online experience possible to you and your audience. We work for clients who demand exemplary results, timeliness, and accountability.

We make a lot of websites in New Jersey, New York, S’pore, and M’sia.

Douglas W. Brandish Managing Partner

Douglas W. Brandish, helped found Brandish Healy in May of 2016. Previously, Doug was an Associate Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson.  After his tenure with JWT, Doug forged a path with The Brandish Group during the late 70s through 80s, working with brands the likes of Halston, David’s Cookies, Miller/Lowenbrau, Swatch, Benetton, and countless others.  After reaching a point of self-determined success, Doug left the Brandish Group, the industry, and the United States in order to focus on family and investments. He served as a director of Clarkmoore Lewis from 2002 to September 2005 and also was a director of Wattles Inc. from October 2007 to January 2011 and a director of Wattles Guernsey from February 2003 to October 2007. He currently serves as an advisor to House of Creed. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham University and a Master of Business Administration degree from National University of Singapore.

Robert Healy Managing Partner

With an industry career that spans almost two decades, Rob has spent time with BMW North America, Clear Channel Entertainment / Live Nation, CBS, Complex Media, and various boutique agencies in New York City and New Jersey. After completing multiple projects for the Brandish Group, Rob was asked to lend his vision and skill to Doug’s newest venture, charting the course on how outside development should be executed.

Bruce Fulton Senior Developer

Bruce is a web developer based in Jersey City N.J. where he operates Hudson Web Development. Hudson Web Development builds website “systems” that help small and medium organizations manage members, event registration and custom content. Using open source content management systems, combined with custom PHP and modern front-end web development techniques, Hudson Web Development streamlines workflows so that clients can save time and money.

About Brandish Healy

Brandish Healy brings identity, presence and utility to goods and services online. Continually developing both client and proprietary online properties.

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